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says the family is at an undisclosed location tonight. we have team coverage. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in san francisco with local reaction and we begin with debora villalon. >> we're at frank ogawa plaza, where you can see people are gathered here, this protest starting to grow in just the last half-hour. many people are wearing hoodies and some carrying signs and protesters outraged that martin's shooting was seen bit jurors as justifiable self- defense. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. 2-year-old george zimmerman heard the verdict with little emotion after 16 hours' of deliberation, the jury cleared him of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year- old trayvon martian. >> obviously , we are ecstatic with the results. >> reporter: the prosecution admits that the case was difficult. >> what we always believed was that this was a case of details that had to be analyzed very, very carefully. >> reporter: the shooting happened in february last year. in the small town of sanford, outside of orlando. with screams recorded on the now infamous 911 call
. >> we begin with ktvu's jade hernandez live at sfo, where authorities have held a number of news briefings today. jade. >> reporter: the airport at this time of the day does not usually look like this, but two of sfo's four runways are closed, meaning delays, but this is not how the day began. clear skies at san francisco international airport this morning did not mean all was well for flight 214 approaching sfo's runway 28. just before 11:30 this morning, dispatchers radioed for help, it's not yet known exactly what happened during the hard landing, but tail of the plane came off. >> the plane originated from shanghai and our crew applied foam and water to the fuselage. >> reporter: this picture taken by a cabdriver who heard several loud booms before the crash shows thick billowing smoke. >> we see people who said they are live and walking around. >> people are walking outside of the airport. >> yes. >> it's where the 28. >> chopper 2 shows the barely there top of plane and debris wreckage everywhere. >> when we arrived on scene, the ute chutes were deployed to and we ob
to buses to get to and back from work. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in san francisco where that option may not be around later this week. >> reporter: that is right. we don't know where a.c. transit st right now, mtan directing traffic. howard and beal and across street from the transbay terminal and the line is growing by the minute, so have wait times to get from san francisco to the east bay. >> i am giving them the schedule. >> reporter: the terminal at 3:00 p.m. today had lines forming with commuters trying to get home. at first it was 10 minute, that grew to 25 minutes. a.c. transit reports it had dozens of staffers who volunteered to drive. one womb decided to go -- woman decided -- woman decided to go to work early. she worried commuters might have bigger problems on their hands later this week. >> we don't know if a.c. transit is going to strike. as long as they are working, i am fine. >> reporter: a.c. transit and atu are still at the bargaining table. their contract expired last month at midnight. last night they said they would give the public 24 hour notice it they decide to
been motivated by road rage. jade hernandez spoke to police in asaphia low al toe and is here. >> reporter: tonight police know one thing. they found a man shot in the face along this block just before 1:00. this is beach tree. now why the man was shot, they are still investigating. >> witnesses and victims became uncooperative. also gave different accounts of the incident. throughout the investigation. >> reporter: we spoke to officer rock stillwell. the department is investigating this as a possible road rage shooting despite sketchy details. police say they're not sure if the shooting happened in their city. neither the man who was shot nor his passenger would say where the incident began. only after a minor accident the parties in two vehicles got into a fight. that's when someone pulled out a gun. he was conscious as paramedics took him to the hospital. the man is expected to live. police say he was still in the hospital. no one else was hurt. now officers say this incident doesn't have anything to do with fourth of july fireworks, but continues to hope someone in this ne
considered for the job. this came among protest and arrests. ktvu's jade hernandez was there and joins us live from the city. >> reporter: we watched this all first hand. 20 people signed up to speak their mind. frustrations ignited and two men rushed members. >> reporter: they listened to the anger and frustration over the hiring of homeland security secretary janet napolitano today. >> my family is at stake. my sister is in the process. >> reporter: he said illegal immigrant will live in fear. >> this is an offense. you take us seriously. >> reporter: later this same man ran towards board members. an officer tackled him. another man tried to rush them too. officers arrested both men. officers arrested each of them. outside a few hours before. at least 60 protesters chanted about her deportation record. the president elect has her supporters. >> she has extraordinary back ground and experience. >> i will bring a sense of fairness. i have been a vocal advocate of the dream act and of immigration reform. >> reporter: last summer janet napolitano implemented the dream act that effected 400,
and spoke publicly. jade hernandez is there and live where the two greens have been negotiating trying to stop another strike. >> reporter: union negotiator are also stood here and told us the chief negotiator for b.a.r.t would not be available as he said he would be next monday and tuesday. b.a.r.t officials would not be back to the negotiating table until july 29th. >> i want to ask the board of directors and the general manager to please appoint another chief negotiator to be available top negotiate with the two unions if beginning monday. the union will be back here on monday at 9:30 available and ready to bargain. >> the woman you heard from the josey moony. she says they only spent 15 minutes with the district before being told by the mediator there would be no negotiations until 10 days from now, less than a week from the union's deadline august 4th. a union source indicated bart might train new operators to keep trains running. a retiree we spoke to said there would be two issues with that. operators are only certified for two years. now, retirees also receiving money would not
covering the demonstrations all day long. ktvu's jade hernandez is following protesters but we begin with noelle walker. >> reporter: this is where a bike protest is. people gathered around 5:00. just a short minutes ago, they went on the move. you can see from newschopper2 they are at 14th and broadway. right now we're told they are on their way to west oakland. this is one of many rallies planned today. earlier we were at a rally downtown where any talked about having peaceful demonstrations today. >> what do we want! >> justice! >> reporter: tiny voices echo through the buildings. they are too young to understand. >> this is the first one i'm bringing toy child to. >> reporter: we met this man and his 3-year-old son corey preparing for the rally for trayvon martin. >> so many things could have been avoided. he did not have to lose his life. >> reporter: those little voices got help in amplified ster stereo. >> as they merged to join many rallies today. a crowd of hundreds from different backgrounds. >> black, white, brown. >> reporter: different races, different ages. >> you may n
emerged from the hospital. jade hernandez has been watching it as it's happened in london. joins us from the newsroom with new video and comments from the parents. >> that's right, pam. >> there's the baby, the new royal heir. >> reporter: there's prince william, katherine and prince william. prince william emerged. he also got a chance to hold his new son, now third in line to the throne. both the prince and his wife addressed the crowd gathered outside of st. mary's hospital. the baby was swaddled in a white blanket with his head peeking out. his william says his son as more hair than he does. >> very emotional. >> i think anybody parent knows -- any parent knows what it feels like. >> hope hopefully you can get back to normal and we can look after him. >> reporter: the prince said his new son a bit heavy. he was born weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. what neither parent revealed is a name which could be released at any time. it did take a few days for princess diana and charles 0 to release prince william's name when he was born. we saw the new parents leave the hospital. it was the prince
. jade hernandez spoke with a north bay human society struggling to deal with what rescuers were asked to do once they arrived on the scene and we want to warn you, some of the images you are about to see might be disturbing. >>> inside of this lake wood home, thousandsover rodents and lizards were found. each man faces more than 100 felony counts of animal cruelty. the manager is charged with directorture. >> they were ill. they couldn't breathe. they were drowning in their own urine and feces. >> one way to avoid bad breeders is to not deal with them. >> primarily our stuff is bred in house. and to buy from family and friends. cages should be clean. none of the snakes, tortuses or lizards survived. >> we were there to relieve suffering and by far and large prevent further suffering. >> reporter: and to make sure those responsible were held accountable. >> reporter: jade hernandez, ktvu news. >>> poor earnings from apple out today shows that the tech giant's growth has stalled. the iphone maker posted third quarter earnings that are down 22%. analysts attribute it to the lack of new p
flossie is putting a damper on vacation plans of many bay area residents. ktvu's jade hernandez reports from sfo, the number of flight cancellations is continuing to grow. >> reporter: he spent a lot of time on his cell phone while waiting today. >> it is supposed to hit tonight. and hopefully we will be over by morning. >> reporter: tropical storm flossie hasn't hit hawaii yet. the big island will get torrential rain even if the storm weakens. san francisco international airport united airlines canceled six flights to hawaii. >> i feed to rebook -- i need to rebook my flight. >> reporter: finding another flight wasn't so easy. >> that is all for today. >> next couple days. >> reporter: united told passengers the next flight wouldn't be till saturday forcing her to cancel her trip to see her friend. >> i was bummed. cried for a bit. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one. >> another person in customer service line where their son is getting married and husband and wife were there and everybody else is trying to come. and now they can't. >> reporter: meanwhile he continued to push for anot
seemed to have adapted to its new home. in is runnia vail, jade hernandez, ktvu . >>> more details on pink flamyingose. the birds favor warm climates usually much weather than the bay area and typically live and feed in groups which helps to protect them from predators. flamingos are actually hatched with gray feathers, but turn pink after two years after feeding on shrimp-like crust crustaceans. >> someone recognized roxy from our report and turned her into the spca. >>> an 18-year-old pleasanton plan is now facing manslaughter charges in the danger of a female bicyclist of the cody hall surrendered to police yesterday. police say hall struck and killed 58-year-old the bicyclist while she was ride on foothill road june 9th. during the investigation authorities say they found two illegal assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition. well, that discovery also led police to arrest hall's father form being a felon in possession of a firearm. >>> the death of a prison inmate is prompting calls for the governor to intervene in the prison hucker strike that has now stretched int
for violence. jade hernandez tells us more. >> reporter: our video shows a bullet in the windshield and lots of glass around the car involved. the black honda civic. there are few details about the incident. we're learning from police a man was sitting in his civic when someone came up to him and opened fire. police have not made any arrests but they say tonight two people came to that man's aid and called 911. this case has now been handed over to the inspectors bureau. we spoke to a man who lives here and says this isn't a problem area. >> i heard about four or five shots, i was eating dinner. >>> where he watched the car being towed away just 30 minutes ago. >> reporter: to give you an idea where we are in san francisco. we want to bring you back out live behind me is presidio school. at this hour police still don't have a description of the shooter they say that victim that was shot tonight may not live. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police tonight are also looking for a number of people wanted in at least three stabbings overnight. shortly after
workers and management with ac transit. jade hernandez has the latest from oakland. >> reporter: today ktvu cameras were the only ones allowed into a last minute energy meeting. the locals say they're not taking the deadline for granted and rushed back to the negotiating table before 5:00. for those drivers on the line today, the reason for their solidarity is clear. >> for me it's just recession was a couple of years ago. so everyone took a hit. all us employees are just asking what we can had. >> reporter: he still thinks a deal can be done. >> it's not about the leverage, it's about what's fair. you know it's about what's fair. >> i would like to see a pay raise because we haven't seen a pay raise in 11 years. it's been a long time for us. >> reporter: local 56 thinks that they contend to injuries. the district argues that claims and osha logs show there's no significant increase in injuries over last year so the debate continues. >> i hope we can settle something out because you know it's still better for the riding public. i still care about the people that are out there on the st
in downtown o akland. sadly some dishonored trayvon's memory. >>> jade hernandez is in san francisco, and she tells us that people gathered peacefully there. >> me and a lot of my friends, we were really upset. we all cried last night because just nothing has changed. >> reporter: with two nephews in the south she fears for them. >> one is nine he's a sweet, smart young man and i know that you know the justice system just doesn't work for him. >> reporter: clearly these protesters felt the legal justice in florida failed. >> many people are angry and they should be. because what has happened is wrong. >> reporter: this woman is a member of the group san francisco which organized today's rally and last night's impromptu march in the castro district. >> people were coming off the sidewalk, people were seeing us on their balconies coming down out of their houses and joining the demonstrations. >> reporter: today's protesters also decided to march, downtown. all the way to union square passer bys watched. there were some who compared trayvon martin to oscar grant. >> it just doesn't change. >> we
president. the meeting had to be brought to a halt. ktvu's jade hernandez was there as it unfolded. jade? >> reporter: frank, i don't believe anyone expected any arrests but fireworks ignited. especially after the board of regents school system confirmed its new president. and we watched protests turn to chanting which turned into arrests. >> reporter: inside the campus 20 people signed up to speak. many students were no longer safe with the head of the homeland security as the new president. one man ran towards board members. a few students refused to leave. officers arrested six people. nancy pelosi defended herself when she got a chance. >> when the students raise issues i will listen and i will learn. i will bring with me my history as governor where i spent time investing in arizona's universities, fighting to keep tuition as low as possible. >> reporter: the 20th president of the university of california, nancy pelosi, becomes the first woman to lead the system. >> let me acknowledge i am not a traditional candidate for this position. >> reporter: critics accuse nancy pelosi of lac
the work here from the operators and operations, reporting live, san francisco tonight, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> to bring people into san francisco, however, after several minutes unions asked the protestors to let the busses proceed. the protestors complied and the demonstrators broke quickly without further the san francisco bay area -- added extended hours helping people to get where they needed to go. charlie says she had to deal with the traffic and headed home early, she's worried how long the strike can headed on. >> the golden gate was able to accommodate 180 more passengers but they add on usual commute days, they're operating at 100% capacity so they don't know how many extra riders they can accommodate. casual car pools pick up locations are south of market between beal and howard. shuttles are set to run every 15 minutes between international terminal at sfo. that's right next to the bart station. other shuttles are running on a limited schedule to and from san francisco. commuters are scrambling getting to work. as we have reporting for you, there is no face
of questions about the emergency doors and the exits on flight 214. >> jade hernandez is live in the studio to explain why authorities are focusing on the evacuation slides. jade. >> reporter: there is some indication from flight attendance and witnesses that the exit chutes did not work properly. the ntsb wants to find out why. >> this is the asiana flight 214 777 boeing aircraft. one of the slides deployed after crash landing saturday. today, the ntsb chair woman says passengers encountered problems. >> there have been some interviews with flight attendance and witnesses that slides deployed inside the aircraft. we need to understand why that happened. >> reporter: were the slides activated correctly? this is the evacuation slide deploying as it should. united airlines flight attendant explained to us that they undergo stringent emergency training. they have 90 seconds to get hundreds of passengers off a damaged plane, even if the exit is blocked. >> and get them off as fast as possible. that is your objective, to get them off the plane fast as possible. >> reporter: on saturday, san fran
is the b.a.r.t negotiations are going on right now. ktvu jade hernandez is here with what both sides are saying about the talk. jade. >> reporter: frank, commuters need to know negotiations may continue all the way up until this union's deadline august. if b.a.r.t workers do strike all other public transportation agencies will have to pick up the slack again. >> things are moving slow. our team is optimistic. >> monday we met all day. wednesday, no meetings. thursday, no meetings. today we'll get started and see how long it goes. >> at the b.a.r.t station today, riders are already thinking about another possible strike. >> that would be terrible. last one was horrible. >> and since riders will turn to other bay area transportation agencies, contingency plans are already in place. ac transit, still in their own union contract negotiations, will focus pron siding service for the east bit. -- providing service for the east bay. >> we might be able to put six to 10 extra buses on the road. but it's not even so much the number of extra buses. it's the number of extra runs we would be able
shot a home depot employee. ktvu's jade hernandez is live outside the store to tell us what led up to the gunfire. jade? >> reporter: it appears that a thief was trying to get away with tools and it happened right here at this home depot this afternoon. look at this video. police say this happened around 12:30 p.m. at home depot. two security officers tried to take the man into custody. police say the thief pulled out a gun and shot wan of the officers in the arm -- one of the officers on the arm. the shooter ran from the parking lot, headed east, then north. we spoke to a man who say employees told him the officer shot, was a new employee. >> we pulled in as the first officer arrived. there were hysterical people in the gardening department. >> reporter: we spoke to home depot speaksman and they said the shooting didn't shut down the store. the man was 30-40 years old with gray hair worn in a ponytail, 6 feet tall and was clothes were discovered at a donut shop. if anyone has information about the shooting they should call police. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a san jos
they are going to look into that and my colleague reporter jade hernandez is going to continue our coverage and will have more on this at 5:00. reporting live from newark, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> closing arguments are underway in the trial of two men accused of rape. they face live in prison if they are convicted in the brutal rape of a 16-year-old girl outside a homecoming dance. attorneys for peter argued he only watched and did not take part. two men have been convicted already and two others are awaiting trial on lesser charges. >>> at this hour closing arguments are underway in the george zimmerman trial. a florida jury will soon be diminish deliberating whether he is guilty of murder in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin or whether he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense. this morning the judge ruled jurors will be able to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter in addition to the charge of second-degree murder. in a closing argument prosecutors argued that zimmerman was the aggressor in last february's incident with martin. >> he was minding his own business
chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking tropical storm flossie but ktvu's jade hernandez is live at sfo with the flight cancellations. >> reporter: she said the closest she will get to hawaii is this airport. he told me a tropical storm wasn't going to stop him from flying into honolulu. >> reporter: he spent a lot of time on his cell phone while waiting today. >> they said it is supposed to hit tonight. and hopefully it will be over by morning. >> reporter: tropical storm flossie hasn't hit hawaii yet. it is expected to get torrential rain even if the storm weakens. san francisco international airport united airlines canceled six flights to hawaii. >> need to rebook my flight. >> reporter: finding another flight wasn't easy. >> we have tried. >> that is all for today. next couple of days. >> reporter: united told passengers the next flight out wouldn't be till saturday. forcing her to cancel her trip. >> i was bummed. cried for a bit. cried on the phone. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one. >> there is another person in line, their son is getting married in hawaii and husband a
.s. culture and english. and the consulate is now assisting with passports. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the president of asiana airlines and other airline executives apologized during a news conference in seoul. du said i'm vowing my head and expressing my deep apologies over the crash. young yu extended apologied. >>> and a man describes seeing the plane hit. >> it was a big boom then pitched forward and bounced off its nose. then did a cart wheel. was you know a tragedy. and our initial reaction was that you know everybody on the plane was in bad shape. >> fred hayes of dixon says he and his wife felt awful after seeing the crash. he says he hopes the video will prevent future crashes and he extends his sympathy to all those affected by the tragedy. >>> shaky, that is how the samsung executive on board the plane described his move today following the deadly crash. feeling a little shaky from yesterday's experience but strengthened by outpouring of support from all over. reminded of how connected we all are. >>> a group of tae kwon do students are among those
. >> i don't want it to go away because i love the chickens. >> reporter: jade hernandez, ktvu news. >>> there's evidence that aerial spraying for west nile virus did not cause any immediate problems. a study looked at emergency rooms during and after aerial spraying in 2005. researchers found no increase in er visits for ailments linked to the spraying. but they point out their study does not look at long term problems that might result from the pesticide spraying. >> there's a growing movement across the u.s. to try to overturn a ban from gay and lesbian donating blood. the fda says the ban remains in place because of the risk of transmissible infections. blood drives say it is time to lift the ban and screen each donor. >>> for the first time the fda is limiting arsenic levels in apple juice. today the fda proposed limiting the level of the toxin to the same maximum level permitted in drinking water. apple juice with arsenic levels higher than the 10 parts per million could be the subject of legal action. >>> after a two month closure oakland's beloved merit bakery is back open
not released for fear of back lash. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> nancy pelosi is getting a pay bump by becoming the president of the university of california system. $570,000 and she will receive benefits, including a relocation allowance of $142,000. in 2011 she made $199,700 as homeland security secretary. >> more details on nancy pelosi's appointment. the first woman to serve as president at university of california. she graduated from santa clara university and the first female valedictorian. we spoke with one of her former professionals today. he says she is bright with a broad mind. she is interested in national and international problems as well as in education. >> she will be interested in all the research projects they have. she can bring together both under grad education with research. >> it will be interesting to watch someone from outside the academic world over seeing the university system. >>> guilty, that was the verdict today for two men charged in the 2009 gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside a dance at richmond high school. two juries convicted marcelles peter
and as we mentioned earlier, there were no arrests. reporting live in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> there were concerns ahead of today's day of action that there might be a repeat of the violence from earlier this week. one oakland city willsman says he believes that the city is seeing violent outburst during protests because city leaders have created an atmosphere that allows such incidents to happen. >> they can break in my house and shoot up my neighborhood, they can vandalize international and sometimes we don't respond with the law enforcement. people call, call and nobody shows up. >> the interim oakland police chief says his department is trying to respond efficiently to calls while dealing with a severe understaffing problem. >> 100 cities hold rallies across the nation, 3,000 people demonstrated in downtown atlanta. family members of dr. martin luther king who based his civil rights movement in atlanta says his work remains you been finished. >> people in a small quiet crowd carried pictures of trayvon martin through the streets of sanford, florida. that is
price gouging. let's turn things over to my colleague jane hernandez live in south -- jade hernandez live in south san francisco. you were not able to find any spans of price gouging. am -- instances of price gouging. am i right? >> we apologize for the difficulty with jade's audio, but she did check with a number of hotels around sfo and she was unable to find ed of price gouging going on. -- evidence of price gouging going on. >>> the crash continues to impact travel across the country. this afternoon i spoke with one san francisco couple who was scheduled to fly today from portland to san francisco this morning, but they found out the flight was canceled and they would have to wait several days to get back home. >> and when we finally reached someone, they indicated that there were no flights. the flight had been canceled. there were no flights into any san francisco bay area airport until wednesday. >> i don't know if you heard him, but he said until wednesday. so instead casey sungrove headed to the hertz counter at portland international airport and it seems like a lot of other
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)